fomo on #useR2018

I have been travelling for the last few weeks, first to a teaching conference at Duke called PsychOne, and then to the International Congress on Infant Studies (ICIS) in Philadelphia. There was a surprising amount of #rstats at ICIS which was awesome. Everyone is talking about reproducible science and preregistration and best practices that will improve our field. There is definitely another blog post needed to consolidate my notes from ICIS, but for now, I want to write about #useR2018 (a conference I didn’t get to go to).

I was really disappointed to hear that the biggest international R conference was scheduled to be in Australia while I was in the USA, and for the past week or so I have been experiencing serious fomo. I have been glued to twitter and feeling envious. BUT… because the R community is open and inclusive and amazing, all of the tutorials and keynotes have been recorded and uploaded to youtube.

So I want to pull all the things I want to look at over the next few weeks into one place.

First, all of the Workshops and Tutorials can be found on a playlist here.

Things that I have on my “must check this out” list…

  1. Keynote by @RLadiesSydney co-founder Steph de Silva re open communities

  2. Keynote by @RLadiesSydney co-founder Dani Navarro on R in Psych Science

  3. Keynote by Jenny Bryan about smelly code (I’m not sure what that means, but I think I need to know about it)

  4. Keynote by Roger Peng about Teaching R to new users

  5. Keynote by Thomas Lin Pedersen re gganimate

Other relevant stuff
Tidyverse stuff:
Data Visualisation stuff:
  • Keynote re gganimate by Thomas Lin Pedersen
  • Talk by Carson Sievert re interactive visualisation with R & plotly part 1 and part 2
Analysis stuff:
Data cleaning stuff:
Social media stuff:

Follow me workshop by Maria Prokofieva part 1 and part 2

Teaching stuff:
Other cool looking stuff: