creating data using rep()

The frequency with which my data is missing important information when it gets to R is a bit embarrassing. I’m sure as I learn what kind of information R needs I’ll get better at this but for the moment using functions like rep() to create variables like trial number or block has been super useful.

Alison Smith has a great blog called Very Statisticious and her post about simulating data is super helpful. Find it here

Some code that is probably going to be useful in the future:

To get AAABBB use

rep(letters[1:2], each = 3)

To get 1 through 8, repeated 3 times use

rep(1:8, times = 3)

Also I recently used this code to get information about trialtype/condition out of an ugly and very untidy CommentName variable

mutate(Stimulus = CommentName[[8]]) 

This creates a new variable called Stimulus that grabs the 8th value of CommentName and fills the column with it. Note this only works after grouping by Participant, Block, Bin.