There has been lots of talk about blogdown on #rstats Twitter recently and people have been talking up the Hugo “Academic theme”.

I want to give it a go to update my lab website, so thought it might be a good idea to pull together all the useful links I’ve seen recently into one place.

Alison Hill

I used Alison’s blog post when I first set up this blog. It looks like she has updated the post recently, so it is probably still a good place to start.

Since then Alison has also written a book about blogdown, run a RStudioConf19 Advanced RMarkdown workshop, done a talk at SDSS and now works at RStudio. Her website is a lovely example of the Academic theme and contains links all her talks/workshops/publications.

Most recently she has challenged her RStudio summer interns to a Summer of blogdown challenge.

Dan Quintana

Dan did a Twitter live thing in 2018 showing how you could put the basic structure of an Academic website together within an hour.

He updated that recently in a new Twitter live and supplemented it with a step by step blog post.